We Use Steam as Our Primary Cleaning Method for Boat Interiors. 

Boats present a unique challenge when cleaning. Their are many areas for moister to settle that have no direct sunlight exposure. Left alone these areas breed bacteria and mold. It's necessary to regularly air out storage compartments to keep this from happening and wipe down contaminated areas with bleach and water. Carpeted and upholstered areas however require a different approach The principle is simple; a powerful flow of exceptionally hot and dry steam comes out of a hose connected to a steam generation machine, containing only 5% water, making the cleaning process mess-free. Many accessories, brushes and attachments are usually connected on the hose to accomplish various cleaning tasks. 

The steam itself, reaching over 300º F, is the cleaning agent, with no chemicals! 

Steam can be safely applied to virtually any surface when using the right technique. On contact, steam will dislodge dirt, greases and grime. It is possible to scrub with steam to remove the hardest residue which would normally be almost impossible to clean, such as the stitching on your seats. Steam also works very effectively on leather and vinyl, lifting dirt and leaving the material soft and supple. Steam works wonders for removing tanning oil from boat seats and stitching! It is important to understand that every object, surface or material is not perfectly smooth. Under magnification, you see porous surfaces that attract dirt within their tiny pores. 

Steam kills germs, & mold, on contact.

Super heated steam, because of its very high temperature, will penetrate microscopic holes virtually melting the dirt, effectively removing it in these pores and killing germs, mold, bacteria, etc. All this is done without any chemical cleaning products, all using only normal tap water! That’s why steam cleaning is excellent for people who are affected by chemical residues or for allergy sufferers. The lack of toxic residues in your boat can be a huge health benefit.

Carpets are rejuvenated.

We use a combination of steam and an extractor to thoroughly clean carpets. The temperature of the steam makes the carpet fibers snap back to their original shape and fluff. High traffic areas look new again, and you have piece of mind knowing that your boat is clean enough to eat off of.


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